Winners from: Monthly Photo Competition, Industrial

The Old Forge

By David Jenner

Yalding Forge first opened for business in the mid 19th Century and to this day still looks much the same. Known as a fine quality blacksmith and farrier, they still shoe horses on site in the traditional way. Dynamic sparks fly from the blacksmith's hammer as he carefully crafts a molten piece of metal into an ornate piece of ironwork.

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Josie Stevens 04.10.19

David is such a talent! Love this photo.

Matt CLARK 04.10.19

Great picture!

Sue Pressley 04.10.19

Great image! The photo really evokes the hard work, the heat and the sounds of a working forge.

James Ridley 04.10.19

Amazing. Love the atmosphere of this photo. Sums up industrial in so many ways. Well done

Jeremy O'Keeffe ARPS 04.10.19

Most Historical and recording a craftsman at work. Most atmospheric. Well done

David Frost 04.10.19

Love this photo.