Winners from: Monthly Photo Competition, One Small Step

Sunset On Planet Earth

By Daniel Goody LRPS

After shooting a sunset landscape I got back to my car and just stood admiring the sky as the sun went beyond the horizon and saw this shot in the windscreen of my car. I composed it to give the illusion of earth from space.

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Ian McIntosh LRPS 02.09.19

Congratulations on your win! Well-deserved.

Daniel Goody LRPS 02.09.19

Thanks so much Ian

Raymond Hughes ARPS 07.08.19

Brilliant! My first thought was "that can't be right" . We don't hear the phrase 'a well seen picture' much in these days of computer manipulation but this image is exactly that.

Daniel Goody LRPS 08.08.19

Thank you Raymond.

Ian McIntosh LRPS 13.07.19

Daniel, this is a well-seen, clever shot. Probably simple to execute but your photographer's eye saw the possibilities and you made the most of the opportunity presented. Great stuff!

Daniel Goody LRPS 14.07.19

Thank you for the compliment. Sometimes the simple things can be the most effective.