Winners from: Monthly Photo Competition, Square Format

In The Broken Places

By Phil Lavery ARPS

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Wendy North LRPS 10.03.18

Many thanks Phil. I do have an Instagram account though don't tend to make much use of it. I set it up originally because of my granddaughter in Australia but I've rather let it lapse. I think I've never acquired the habit of posting online from my phone or iPad.

Wendy North LRPS 03.03.18

I love your work Phil, there's a kind of ephemeral softness which allows the colours glow through. I've got one of your image panels open in a tab on my iPad, which I refresh and browse when I need a colour fix.

Phil Lavery ARPS 03.03.18

HI Wendy, that's so very kind of you to say :-) I'm on instagram as phil.lavery and will follow back. My website is best wishes Phil