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Frequently asked questions

boguslaw-maslak-02_kgrd8a © Boguslaw Maslak. Kumbh Mela 2013: Pilgrim

 Do I need to be an RPS member to enter and is the competition free?
A: Yes, this competition is only open to RPS members and entry is free.

 Do all members need to register on the 365 website?
 Yes, you will need to register first, even if you have a login on the main rps.org website. Each competition website (International/Science/Biennial/365) requires the user to register for an account. 

Q3: Can I upload my images from my iPad/tablet or smart phone?
You can interact with the competition site using these devices but you will need to upload your images from a computer.

Q4: How do I enter my images?
 Visit the About the competition page for entry guidelines.

Q5: What size should my images be?
Only JPG files will be accepted. If you are having trouble please check all images are a maximum of 2500 pixels wide (if landscape) or 2500 pixels high (if portrait) and a maximum size of 5Mb in JPG format. Images should be in sRGB colour space. 

Q6: I have forgotten my username/password!?
You can reset this yourself under HELP.

Q7: Help - my email address is not recognised when I try to register?
A: You may have registered and entered a monthly competition in the past, please try using the account reminder system under the HELP section. A single email address can be registered to one entrant only.

Q8: I haven't received my activation e-mail?
A: Please log into your e-mail account and double check your spam or junk folder. Emails may take a short time to appear and expire after 24hours. Try going to the login page and logging in using the username and password you have created. 

Q9: My account says activation failed?!

A: You may have clicked the activation link more than once. Please try to log into your account.  

Q10: I cannot remember my Membership Number
Your membership number can be found on your membership card. Email the Membership Department if you are unable to find your number.

Q11: Do my images have to be taken within the time frame of each competition?
No, your images can be taken at any time, unless stated otherwise in the theme description.

Can I submit images taken on film?
Yes, definitely. Images can be scanned from film to create a digital file or the print can be scanned.

Q13: Why isn't my picture displaying?
Double check that you've ticked the 'Enter Competition' box beside each image and clicked 'Save'. Your images can then be viewed on the All Entries pages.

Q14: Can I edit my entry after I've submitted?
Yes. You can login to your account and delete the images you want to remove, and then add new images.

Q15: Are my pictures protected?
Yes. As the photographer you retain copyright and no-one can copy or use your images without your permission. Please note that The RPS can use your images for the purposes of promoting the competition and will always credit your work, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

How does the selection process work?
Once each monthly competition has closed, RPS staff will shortlist a number of images. RPS members will then have a chance to vote on the shortlist of images, which will appear under Shortlist. Voting will be open for approximately 1 week. A total of 3 winners will be chosen as the overall monthly winners and will include the image that received the most votes.

When can I find out the monthly winners?
The winning images will appear in the following issue of the Journal. You can view the winners on the website under Winners.